The Art of Cider


The Taste

Crafted from Fuji red and Granny Smith green apples to produce two distinctive, fresh and natural tasting ciders, Billy Apple presents a delicate balance between sweetness and natural flavours. With a light effervescence, Billy Apple Cider makes for a delicious and refreshingly light, not too sweet cider, loved for its universal appeal.

The Artist

Billy Apple is one of New Zealand’s most significant artists. In 1964, Billy exhibited with contemporaries including Andy Warhol and Roy Liechtenstein in the ground-breaking show American Supermarket, in which a New York gallery was transformed into a supermarket space, effectively blurring the boundaries of commerce and art. It was the show that many believe marked the birth of the pop art movement. Since that time, Billy’s work has continued to explore and interrogate the lines between art and commerce. Today, some 50 years later, Billy is still breaking new ground, this time bringing the art gallery into the consumer market, with the launch of this distinctively designed and deliciously unique cider.

A Natural Formula

As with all Billy’s work, Billy Apple Cider is crafted to the Golden Ratio, (also known as the Fibonacci formula) a unique ratio found frequently in nature and cited as the formula determining ideal beauty and perfection.